Audio Electronics Repair

We specialize in fixing Guitar Amps, Synthesizers, Guitar Pedals, and other Audio Electronics.

Speaker & Subwoofer

Our team comprises skilled technicians with a deep understanding of audio technology. From classic vintage speakers to the latest high-end subwoofers, we possess the knowledge and expertise to diagnose issues, replace damaged components, and fine-tune your audio equipment for optimal sonic brilliance.

Power Amplifier

Our team of seasoned technicians boasts a profound understanding of amplifier intricacies. From vintage tube amplifiers to cutting-edge solid-state powerhouses, we employ advanced diagnostics and repair techniques to identify and rectify issues, ensuring your amplifier functions at its optimal capacity.

Mixing Board

Our repair process commences with a thorough diagnostic analysis. Technicians conduct visual inspections, functional tests, and intricate signal tracing to identify the root causes of issues, be it intermittent connections, faulty components, or power supply irregularities.


Lextronics stands as the epitome of excellence in Professional Keyboard repair. With a passion for preserving the soul of music, our mission is to restore these instruments to their peak performance, ensuring that every key resonates with the precision and brilliance for which the keyboard is renowned.

Component Level Precision

Addressing issues at the component level, our skilled technicians employ precision soldering, replacing faulty chips, capacitors, or connectors. Each repair is executed with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing the longevity and reliability of the Audio device.

Parts Replacement And Calibration

With a keen eye on originality, Lextronics emphasizes the use of authentic replacement parts. Cross-referencing component specifications ensure compatibility. After repairs, meticulous calibration is performed to guarantee accurate signal processing and frequency response.